How To Set Vocal Microphone On The Mixer

Maybe you are still confused about how to adjust the vocal sound on the Equalizer in the Mixer and external equipment or setting the microphone system with a preamp for SM7B so that it sounds strong and clear on the Speaker system after going through the tuning process in the Mixer and Equalizer sound system.

Setting Vocal Microphone on Portable Speaker Amplifier
Try to re-open how to set up the mic in my previous post. It’s not too difficult to set up the microphone on this device. Usually, the Portable Speaker package is equipped (included) with a Wireless Microphone. We just turn on this equipment and position the speaker towards the listener. We can reduce and increase the volume, set not to feedback.

The vocals are containing the middle tone (Middle Band Frequency) on the Microphone. We can’t tune or listen to sound that has been amplified on the Amplifier with only Low or High tones. This means that the voice information from the person speaking on the microphone must be able to be heard again by the other ear (listener), in other words, we need Middle Tone Frequency. Below we can see how to set up the Microphone system.

Audio Frequency Response
The lowest and highest frequencies that can be heard by the human ear are generally considered to be around 20Hz – 20 KHz. The average human conversation based on the frequency range occurs in the range of about 300Hz to about 3000Hz. The standard frequency for the tuning fork used to tune guitars and other instruments is 440Hz (this is the same as the A3 key on the Piano). These two frequencies are for 880 and we have one octave higher. In the same way, you can divide the frequency of 220 to produce an A2 tone one octave lower.

How to set up a vocal microphone
There are various ways to set the allocation of the vocal microphone;
– Vocal microphone for music
– Vocal microphone for Public Address, this mic is usually used to amplify the voice to make it sound strong for listeners. We often see its designation in speakers, speeches, ceremonies, grand speeches, presentations, and others.

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