Mini Fish Pond in the Living Room, Can?

Designing a small fish pond in the house is a challenge in itself. On the one hand, the presence of a fish pond in the family room can give the impression of relaxation and decoration in the room. In offices and apartments, you can often find fish ponds designed in a beautiful aquarium medium. How about you, interested in making a mini fish pond? Follow a few things that must be prepared. For some small houses, using vertical space as decoration is not a strange thing. By creating a fish pond attached to the wall, your living room can feel like it is underwater. But, pay attention to the direction of the light. Because, if you want to add live plants to the aquarium, they have to get enough sunlight. You can browse your local garden or fish shop to choose a pond container that suits your taste. Some are made of plastic, glass, and even permanent pools made of cement and sand.

You can make it yourself or ask for help from an experienced ornamental pond handyman for decorating the edge or the inside of the pool. Measure the exact dimensions of the pool, starting from the width, height, and length. You can leave the remaining area of ??about 6 inches around the pond for decoration. Then fill it with plants and colored stones. For decorative ponds filled with rocks and plastic plants, you can add sand to the surface of the pool to make it look neat. Don’t forget to add a filter and water pump so that the pool water remains clean. However, avoid combining these two types of fish into one pond. Because koi fish can grow bigger than goldfish, so they can dominate the food they are given. To keep the pond water clear, add a special formula usually sold in fish shops.

If the larger yard is the back of the house, use one corner or side of the back wall of your house to become a small pond. You don’t need a large pool, this pool is only 80 × 60 cm in size. However, choose fish that are small in size and don’t over fill the pond with fish so that they can swim comfortably.

Ronna Campoli

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